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The NFPA Code 96 (National Association of Fire Protection) states that if an inspection is conducted and grease deposits are found inside the equipment, those sections need to scrubbed immediately and not just by anyone but by professionals.

Our Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning process.

  • Step 1. Prepping surfaces - All removable parts will be dismantled and put on the side for easier access. If for any reason however the components cannot be moved, all flooring and all the kitchen equipment will be lined with a shielding plastic to prevent any damages. To maintain safety throughout the kitchen exhaust system cleaning, our team will turn off all the valves and pilot lights and then cover them with tarps. These tarps function to shield appliances from getting splashed.
  • Step 2. Filter removal - After all surfaces are prepped, our team will get rid of all the baffle filters and soak them for a while inside a washing solution. This is meant to loosen the hardened oils before pressurized washing is conducted.
  • Step 3. Degreasing the ductwork - Our team will then brush all the grease that has accumulated on the insides of the ducts. A chemical mixture will then be sprayed.
  • Step 4. Paying attention to the Exhaust Fan - After scraping, the exhaust fan is dismantled and sprayed down.
  • Step 5. Kitchen hood undergoes pressurized cleaning - Scraping is again conducted here to get rid of all the hardened filth and hot pressure is applied to remove the slack grease.
  • Step 6. Pressure washing the entire system - Our team will then blast out any grease that's left to get rid of the dirty water which is then collected inside a funnel.
  • Step 7. Polishing - For that extra shine, the outside of the hood is wiped with a polish.
  • Step 8. Certification Process - After all these steps are complete, the team will test the system to make sure everything functions perfectly and a certification sticker is put on top the hood. This sticker is part of obeying the law.
  • Step 9. General cleanup - In part with our customer satisfaction guarantee, out team will clean the kitchen, so it looks better than before.

See how tough it is, and this is the simplified version. So, to be NFPA compliant you need a company like Houston TX Hood Cleaning.  We are a company with certified and trained professionals.

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