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Fires cost businesses millions of dollars in damages and take countless lives each year, it's easy to assume you have taken all the steps needed to safeguard yourself but that's not always the case. See even if you had a fire station posted right outside your door, a fire only needs seconds to cause massive levels of damage. So, as a business owner prevention is always better than cure.

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are: If your eatery compliant with local fire prevention codes? Have you made any alterations (renovations) to the premises since the last visit? Are all closed areas protected from fires? Are the furnishings fire retardant? Are all outside areas of the restaurant lighted properly? These are just some of the things you might need to get involved with knowing for commercial kitchen fire prevention. The list is quite long, you might not get time ascertain that everything is in check, if you missed something however and inspectors find that mistake - not good.

We'd love to help you out for your commercial kitchen fire prevention needs.

Houston TX Hood Cleaning's team is trained and equipped to carry out important services such as: Suggesting designs for the kitchen's flame suppression system, repair, fitting the system as well as servicing the kitchen's hood. We also conduct random inspections such as the fire alarm system inspection (checking ductwork, smoke & heat detectors and pull stations), the auxiliary test inspection (testing functions such as fan shut down, elevator recall, smoke control activation etc.). We also handle fire damper checkups and deficiency repairs.

Our overall mission is to ensure we leave you with a peaceful state of mind, knowing that your restaurant is fully compatible with all the NFPA regulations.

Help us help you. Call in for the best.

Our great customer relations have brought us countless referrals and repeat business for commercial kitchen fire prevention, our entire reputation is built on having the best rates available, provided the best services imaginable and establishing great customer relationships.

If you own or manage a restaurant located anywhere inside the Fort Worth Areas, don't hesitate to contact Houston TX Hood Cleaning to take care of all your fire protection needs. Call us on this number - (713) 352-7999 for a free no obligation quote and to schedule an appointment, you can use the number, or you use the contact form, they both worth perfectly.

We are licensed, bonded, certified and fully insured for commercial kitchen fire prevention.

Houston TX Hood Cleaning proudly works to keep you in compliance.

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